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Alcohol Infused

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Sinful Edibles offers alcohol-infused tasty treats.  We add a splash of fun to our cakes, cupcakes and all of our delicious yummies!  Not only does it make our already delicious treats more fun, it also gives the flavors a new depth as the alcohol enhances the taste of each of our products.  The correct type and amount of alcohol makes our cakes and cupcakes really hit the right spot.

Due to Michigan laws, please contact us directly for ordering these items. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase.  Please have ID available.

Cupcakes – $30    Cakes – $35

Sinful Edibles offers their already decadently delicious cakes and cupcakes infused with alcohol.  We add alcohol to add an extra sinfully layer of temptation to our already tasty treats.  (There is an additional $5 cost per order for premium liquor).

Please check our cake and cupcake menu pages for other decadently delicious flavors we offer that can be alcohol infused.


Sex on the Beach


Jager Bomb


Pina Colada

Red Berry

Fuzzy Navel


Vodka Red Bull


Irish Car Bomb

Mai Tai



Jelly Shots – $20

You won’t believe what we’ve done with gelatin. Our “Jelly Shots” are flavored masterpieces in a bite size.  Not only are they tasty, flavorful treats – they also pack a punch with our special blend of tantalizing alcohol.  We offer a variety of specialty flavors that will knock your socks off!

Rainbow Cake

Bomb Pop

Pineapple Upside Down Cake


Ocean Margarita


Blow Pop

Thin Mint

Root Beer Float

Pudding Shots – $20

The sweet, creamy treat of pudding done the Sinful Edibles way.  You won’t believe your taste buds as our exquisite homemade pudding melts in your mouth with the playful zing of liquor makes your mouth water for more.  This isn’t your after school treat, this is pure adult fun – guaranteed to make you want more.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Banana Pudding

Peanut Butter Cup

Birthday Cake


Cotton Candy


Lemon Drop

Oreo Cookie

Oatmeal Cookie


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