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Sinfully Delicious Cakes $30

Sinful Edibles makes our delicious cakes from scratch using the best tasting, freshest ingredients.  All of our treats are handmade to order and are a savory temptation you will want to share with all your friends and family.

Our cakes are 9″ double round that serves approximately 12-15 people. Our cakes can be customized for special orders.

Black Forest

Layers of chocolate sponge cake paired with vanilla buttercream and cherries.  Topped with even more devilishly delicious vanilla buttercream and cherries with chocolate shavings.  Available as alcohol infused.

Chocolate Lovers

Our luscious chocolate cake paired with a rich and tasty chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache, then topped with chocolate chips. Moist and delicious – you’ll love every bite.  Available as alcohol infused.


A decadent harmony of chocolate, pecans and our heavenly caramel.  Our Turtle is a rich chocolate cake paired with our tasty caramel buttercream, topped with toasted pecans then drizzled with a temptingly gooey homemade caramel.  

Red Velvet

When good chocolate goes wicked (in a good way) it becomes a devilish red. Our Red Velvet cake is a devilishly red cocoa cake paired with our mouthwatering cream cheese buttercream.  So deliciously fit for a king.

Peanut Butter Cup

The temptation to dip your chocolate into peanut butter is too much? Let Sinful Edibles do it for you! Our tasty chocolate cake paired with a rich peanut butter buttercream, drizzled with chocolate ganache and just when you thought you’ve had enough, we top our Peanut Butter Cake with a homemade peanut butter cup!

Mint Chocolate Chip

Before you know it, our mint flavor will cool you down enough so you can have more and more.  Chocolate cake paired with minty buttercream, drizzled with chocolate ganache, then topped with mint chocolate chips!

Loopy Lemon

Just like it was picked fresh from a lemon-cake tree.  A fresh and delicious shortbread crust surrounds are citrusy scrumptious lemon cake topped with a zingy lemon cream cheese buttercream that’s just delish.

Very vanilla

Unbelievably tasty with a moist, delicate texture.  Our vanilla wafer crust with on our wickedly tasty vanilla cupcake is topped with vanilla buttercream and finished with vanilla wafer crumbles.  You’ll want more.

German Chocolate Cake

An oldie, but a goodie done so you won’t have just one slice. Our delicious chocolate cake, paired with a sinful chocolate buttercream and a coconut caramel pecan filling that will have you wanting more and more.  Köstlich! Available as alcohol infused.

Apple Cinnamon

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Our Apple cinnamon flavored cake is a delightful surprise paired with an enticing cinnamon cream cheese buttercream and guaranteed to be a temptation to all.  The doctor will want a piece, too.


Lots of fresh, tasty, shredded carrot goes makes this Sinful Edibles staple a moist and an exquisite treat.  Topped with our tempting signature cream cheese buttercream.

Banana Bliss

A divine treat with lush and creamy banana goodness topped with our velvety smooth banana cream cheese buttercream.  

Rocking Raspberry

Our red raspberry cake will have you screaming for MORE. MORE! MORE! Flavorful raspberry cake is topped with a zestfully rich raspberry buttercream and topped a raspberry.

Strawberry Shortcake

Sinfully sweet strawberry vanilla cake with our signature decadent strawberry buttercream – but, that’s not it – we top it off with strawberry shortcake crumbles just like the Good Humor Man had!

Strawberry Banana

Scrumptious strawberry banana cake topped with our heavenly strawberry banana buttercream. Your tummy will ask for more!

Alcohol Infused

You can add a splash of adult fun to our cakes, cupcakes and all of our delicious yummies! Alcohol infusion enhances and compliments our already delicious treats!
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